Ports and Geographical Contexts

Details of the Portuslimen workshop in Oxford:

Ports and Geographical Contexts

Friday 12th June 2015, All Souls College, Wharton Room, 2pm.

  • 2.00-2.20. S. Keay, Approaches to the study of ports and their geographical contexts
  •  2.20-2.40. P. Arnaud, Harbour-design: geographical determinism, geo-politics and economic models
  •  2.40-3.00 N. Purcell, Port-geography and managed landscapes: theory and practice.
  •  3.00-3.20 F. Salomon, A new geo-archaeological tool for the study of the operation of Roman harbours: the palaeo-environmental age model.


  • 3.20-5.00 A. Wilson, Structured Discussion:

Theme A: The value of literary sources for our understanding the geographical context of Roman ports

Theme B: Variations in harbour design: regionalism, chronology, scale or geographical context?

Theme C: Geomorphological change and port response

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